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Webinar – EU IPM Decisions and IPMWORKS projects on Wednesday, 24th April, 5pm to 6pm (NL time)

Webinar – EU IPM Decisions and IPMWORKS projects on Wednesday, 24th April, 4pm to 5pm (UK time) / 5pm to 6 pm (NL time) - in Microsoft Teams

Dr Mark Ramsden (ADAS) will talk about the EU IPM Decisions and IPMWORKS projects, which together are supporting reduction of pesticide use across Europe.

IPMWORKS (101000339) has established an IPM demonstration farm network, to showcase the benefits of IPM and the application of integrated non-chemical control measures to reduce the need for pesticides. The project has created an online IPM Resource Toolbox, e-Learning modules, and case examples of IPM in action. IPMWORKS has promoted the concept of Holistic IPM, focused on the requirement to reduce the need for pesticides.

IPM Decisions (817617) addresses the second requirement by creating an online platform hosting decision support systems (DSS) for IPM, enabling users to better target pest monitoring and pesticide treatment according to need. DSS cover a diverse range of decision tools including pest monitoring and treatment thresholds, forecasting pest prevalence and damage, and systems for comparing pesticide treatment options.

During the session, Mark will demonstrate the online IPM Resource Toolbox and IPM Decisions Platform, highlight some examples of IPM in action, and discuss the next steps and opportunities for advancing IPM decision support.

To register for the webinar please use this link: Webinar - IPM Decisions and IPMWORKS projects (warwick.ac.uk)

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